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Top 10 Daring Bolly Heroes and their breath taking stunts -2

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Action sequences and Stunts by Bollywood heroes is always a feast to the fans.Here is the latter half of the list in the Top 10 Daring Heroes of Bollywood and their dare devil stunts.

6. VIDYUT JAMWAL ( Commando)

vidyut_CommandoIn his second Hindi film ‘Commando’, Vidyut Jamwal took action to next level by combing Indian and Brazilian martial art forms – kalaripayattu and jiu jitsu respectively.He did all the daring stunts on his own without opting for a body double.He has done action scenes himself as the filmmakers couldn’t find a duplicate to do the fight scenes that involves hand to hand fight.The
Force actor Vidyut Jamwal’s Commando – Rambo act in director Dilip Ghosh’s Commando has been received with heartwarming gusto by the public. And it now became clear that Jamwal is the new action hero of Bollywood.


7. AJAY DEVGAN ( Golmaal Series)

golmaal AjayRight from his introduction scene in his debut film Phool Aur Kaante, Ajay Devgn has been doing death-defying action scenes. In that film, he stood on two moving motor bikes. He later repeated the same stunt in Golmaal Returns.

In Golmaal 3, he tried the same stunt on two moving cars.In Son Of Sardar, Devgn stood on two horses.It’s obviously one of Devgn’s favourite stunts.



RaavanIn the climax scene of Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan and Vikram fight on a bridge.

“The most difficult was the fight on the bridge,” Vikram had said in an interview. “I
sprained my back and could not walk. This fight demanded that I pick up Abhishek Bachchan and throw him, so that was very tough. People who have seen the scene tell me it has come out really well.” The climax fight sequence was shot in a real location using many prerequisite precautions.


9.SAIF ALI KHAN / AJAY DEVGAN ( Kachche Dhaage)

Saif-Ajay Devgan in Kache DaageIn one of the scenes in Kachche Dhaage, Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan are handcuffed to each other. In a bid to escape from the police, they manage to climb on to a moving train.Once on it, they realise the train’s driver has been shot dead, and the train has lost control.So they try to separate their compartment from the rest of the train, even as the train gathers speed. Devgn falls under the tracks but holds on, Speed-style, to the bottom of the train while Saif tries to pull him back.

At the end of the five-minute daring stunt, they manage to separate the compartments.



Imran Khan in LuckLuck featured quite a few daring stunts.In one of the deadliest sequences, Shruti Haasan is tied in front of a train while Imran Khan runs on top of it, in his attempt to rescue her.Mines, planted by Sanjay Dutt’s character in the train, explode when Ravi Kissen’s character shoots them. Both the actors are in a helicopter. When he shoots the mines, the chopper loses its balance and collides with the train, setting it on fire.

Imran sustained injuries while shooting this scene, and claimed that his skin and even eye lashes got burnt while doing it.



vidyutjamwal-Commando Vidyut-Jamwal Vidyut-Jamwal (1) Vidyut in Commando Pooja-Chopra-Vidyut-Jamwal-Commando

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